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a night in costa rica

Our final fundraiser for the trip!  Enjoy a delicious, four course, authentic Costa Rican meal, featuring live music and a quick synopsis of the work we will be doing.  Located at Gilroy's own Westside Grill, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to get a glimpse into the culture of Costa Rica and help support our team.

Dinner will begin at 7pm on Friday, April 6th.  The cost is $50 per person.  Wine will be available for purchase.  Join us for a relaxing, enjoyable, and entertaining evening.

The Westside Grill
8080 Santa Teresa Blvd
Suite 100
Gilroy, CA  95020

Purchase tickets now while they last!

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We're Going To Costa Rica!

For our Missions Trip this year, we will be heading to Manuel Antonio on the southwest coast. As you may have heard, our destination this year is famously beautiful and the people are warm and friendly. Keep in mind that Costa Rica is a tropical jungle! Make sure to pack bug spray, sunscreen, and prepare for a good amount of humidity. This trip will be a great experience all around. You will be able to observe wildlife, natural biodiversity, and enjoy an incredible local beach. You will also see firsthand the high level of poverty that affects a large portion of the country. God has called some amazing people to continue his work in this part of Central America.


Bill And Debbie Boling

Pastors Bill and Debbie have served in Costa Rica for 12 years. They minister in several different capacities. Learning English is one of the best ways for local Costa Ricans to receive gainful employment (in the tourism industry), so they have offered regular English classes. They host several other events at home on a regular basis, including Bible studies, cooking classes, help for married couples, and "kids club" style meetings for children. Bill teaches at the local Bible Institute helping to prepare future Costa Rican pastors. Bill and Debbie are active in several local churches as well as an English speaking church, and they serve as the liaison to provide aid when natural disasters affect communities. They are on the board of Seeds Of Hope, the first nationally recognized organization that fights against the epidemic of human trafficking in Costa Rica -- and it is an incredible, Christ-centered ministry. We are excited to help support these trusted and proven servants of the Lord.

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What We Will Be Doing

Working hard! Bill and Debbie have just moved to their new home on their property. Most of their ministry has taken place in their rented country home. It will now transfer to the ministry center, which will include their living quarters. The ministry center itself is continuing construction, however the current project is developing the outdoor area at the property next to their home. We will be building everything we can – in particular, an outdoor deck that can serve as a meeting location. We will even build some tables and chairs if we are able.

When We Are Going

April 22nd - April 28th. The exact times will depend on flights. However, we will be here for service on April 22nd. Many flights leave very early in the morning so we will likely take off in the early morning hours of Monday the 23rd and leave just as early on Saturday, the 28th. We will have about 3 solid full days of work, and most of a 4th day. We want to be as beneficial to Bill and Debbie as possible.