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We will be heading to Costa Rica this year the first week of November. We’d love for you to join us! Total cost is $1500, and a first deposit of $200 is due on Friday, March 29. We have time to do a good amount of fundraising, so if you want to go - trust God for the funds!

Sign up below if you are interested. Also, if you prefer, you have the option of making your first installment payment online.

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We're Going To Costa Rica!

For our Missions Trip this year, we will be heading back to Manuel Antonio on the southwest coast. Our destination is famously beautiful and the people are warm and friendly. Keep in mind that Costa Rica is a tropical jungle! Make sure to pack bug spray, sunscreen, and prepare for a good amount of humidity. This trip will be a great experience all around. You will be able to observe wildlife, natural biodiversity, and enjoy an incredible local beach. You will also see firsthand the high level of poverty that affects a large portion of the country. God has called some amazing people to continue his work in this part of Central America.


Bill And Debbie Boling

Pastors Bill and Debbie have served in Costa Rica for 13 years. They minister in several different capacities. Learning English is one of the best ways for local Costa Ricans to receive gainful employment (in the tourism industry), so they have offered regular English classes. They host several other events at home on a regular basis, including Bible studies, cooking classes, help for married couples, and "kids club" style meetings for children. Bill teaches at the local Bible Institute helping to prepare future Costa Rican pastors. Bill and Debbie are active in several local churches as well as an English speaking church, and they serve as the liaison to provide aid when natural disasters affect communities. They are on the board of Seeds Of Hope, the first nationally recognized organization that fights against the epidemic of human trafficking in Costa Rica -- and it is an incredible, Christ-centered ministry. We are excited to help support these trusted and proven servants of the Lord.

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What We Will Be Doing

Working hard! Last year we poured an octagonal cement slab on Bill and Debbie’s property that is 25 feet in diameter. We will be focusing our skilled labor on that area. We will be designing and constructing a ranchitostyle area that will include concrete, electric, and water work. We will also have ministry opportunities available with some of the ministries with which they are involved. And, no matter what, there is always something to do.

When We Are Going

The First Full Week of November. The exact times will depend on flights; we will let you know specifics as soon as possible. Please note that there are no direct flights to Costa Rica from any airport near us. We will have a 3-4 hour layover at the airport there and back. We are making sure we have as much work time as possible.

What Does The Cost Cover

The cost is $1500. This price is based on the plane ticket (about $600-800) plus $100/day for room and board. Room and board includes a van to and from the airport in San Jose (about 2½ hours), a place to sleep, transportation during your stay, and one excursion. Meals are home-cooked and second helpings are available. Payments of $200 are due on Friday, March 29, April 26, and May 17. We will purchase plane tickets at the end of May. We will need Passport and birthdate information by then. I believe that after plane tickets, the rest of the money can be raised through fundraising and donations. Team members are expected to be available to volunteer at fundraising events.

Where We Will Be Staying

Bill and Debbie’s ministry center is complete enough to house our team. So we will be staying with them on their property, which will help that we don’t have to do back and forth driving this time. (Note: it will limit some of our food options, but we requested extra food this trip!).We will have a chance to have fun around the area, too, as long as we adhere to our general safety rules.