DURING a conversation the other night with a few people in my age range (over 30ish) o.k., folks in their fiddies, we were laughing at all the crazy stuff we did growing up and yet we survived. Things like: riding our bikes without helmets, riding in the back of pick up trucks (going down the highway), stuffing the seatbelts into the seats so they didn’t annoy you while you were driving or riding around. This opened the door to new adventures of sliding on vinyl seats at every corner.  Ah, those were the days. Days of actually getting to run on asphalt playgrounds, being allowed to throw things at one another like in dodge ball and have gym class everyday (The only class I passed).

            WHAT is so weird is growing up in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s was so “limiting”. We had no cell phones, only rotary telephones with a long cord that let you pace from the kitchen to the hallway with freedom and ease. We didn’t have any computer games, only building blocks, army men, dolls (if that was your thing), bikes, B.B. guns and actual sports gear. These were the days when you left the house in the morning (after chores) and came home when it got dark. And then, if you were like me, snuck out in the middle of the night to meet up with friends and roam the bad streets of Dallas, Oregon. We were so limited in our formative years, but we loved it.

            THESE days kids don’t even need to leave their house to play, connect with friends and have a limitless life. Man, they have it easy. They have computers, the internet, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, Snap-chat and Instagram. They have any information they want with just a few strokes on a keyboard. They have so many television channels in comparison to when we were growing up. Back in our day, I was the remote control. The only good thing was there were only three channels, so it wasn’t too bad, except for the three channels.

            KIDS these days… It’s easy to get a little bit of an attitude with the Millennials isn’t it? There can be this grumpy old man inside of us growling, “Get off my yard” if we are not careful.

            JOSEPH didn’t have this attitude when it came to the younger generation. While in Egypt, as he was dying, he prophesied God would lead them out of Egypt and back to the Promise Land. Then he made them take an oath to take his bones out of Egypt and back to the land of his forefathers after the promise was fulfilled. In other words, Joseph wanted his bones “spirit” to go with the following generations. This is my desire. I want to be a part of the youth and their development, into not only adults, but disciples of Christ.

            COMING this July, yours truly has been asked to speak at the Jr./Sr. High youth camp at Old Oak Ranch. This was something I was asked to do back in the Summer of 2015, and it was one of the best weeks of my life.

            YOU know, I said earlier that kids have it easy these days. In some ways this is true, but in other ways not so. We faced bullies and mean kids growing up, but they face it even more. We had peer pressure, but there is so much more pressure on them to act, think and believe a certain way. Often these ways are contrary to God's ways. They are also inundated with junk they are not equipped to handle. The imagery on the internet, movies and T.V. are much more lude and crude than what we saw growing up. This oversaturation of negativity has left them helplessly in the dark, blinded by Satan.

           WHAT are we to do about this? PRAY. I am asking that the month of February be called L.O.T. (Loving Our Teens), for this is our LOT as we grow older. It is our job to stand in the gap between the hell that is being spewed on our teens and the hope of heaven that we possess.

          DURING the 28 days of February, I am asking you to choose one day to sign up to pray and/or fast for the youth of our church, and over all of America. Our young people need a move of God to change the course they are on. Along with praying for our teens, please pray for our Youth Pastors, Chris White (West Coast Youth Director), and for me as I seek God for His Word to the hundreds of youth at this summer camp in July. Thank you for L.O.T. (Loving Our Teens).